Fresh White hires collaborators to create works that analyse its themes and methodologies.




The Notes on Fresh White by Giulia Liberti


A series of a hundred visual essays that catalogue, categorize and reassemble the multifarious appearances of the colour white that are scattered throughout Western culture and that make up the symbolic horizon within which Fresh White operates.

Each Note is numbered and includes its own title and references.

The result is a hypertextual scrapbook that exists primarily as online pdf and materializes in different editions.



The Notes on the Notes by Giulia Liberti


The Notes on the Notes are a parallel series of textual quotations whose meaning bends with the context, in an escalation of fallacious hermeneutics.



Paint Fiction by Jens Soneryd



Stay within the margins! / The Act of Coloring by Giulia Liberti


A video essay about the theory and practice of coloring books and the relation of contemporary art with art therapy, 4'33'', 2019